joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Free online presence for Small Businesses using Google Apps and

Today I moved my business website hosting to Google Apps.
The great news for me was that Google Apps has a free standard version that allow my company to have 50 email boxes, access to docs, calendar and host my website.

The trickiest thing I had to solve was the lack of DNS hosting, but EveryDNS provides a very good free DNS service.
The DNS problem is this : Google does not have a DNS hosting service (yet). They rely on DNS hosting offered by domain registrars and they give a very good list of reputable DNS registrars.
My domain is a .ro domain that costs 30 USD for life and the registrar does not provides DNS hosting. The situation is similar with other 'cheap' domain registrars and because small business value every cent they are most likely need a free DNS Hosting provider.

EveryDNS url is .
Google Apps Standard edition may be accessed here : .

Both services are free, so I will never pay for corporate web hosting and groupware anymore ... at least not until my company grows to more than 50 employees.

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