duminică, 2 august 2009

My solution to Blackberry - Nokia SMS VCard problem

The first thing I noticed about Blackberry is that it is unable to share VCards using SMS.

Whenever a Nokia user sends a VCard (contact) to a Blackberry phone , the receiver has no way to import the Contact to the address book except for multiple copy/paste and task switching.
To send a contact from Blackberry to a Nokia phone there is no option because even if the sender can format a VCARD in a SMS, on the Nokia it will end up in the SMS Inbox and not in the Contacts.

I found the situation unacceptable so I wrote a Blackberry add-on to enable receiving and sending VCards using SMS.
My application does not use any special phone features, it just uses the PIM and SMS API and creates to menus : one menu in the SMS viewer to import the VCARD to the Contact List and one menu in the Contact editor to send the Contact using SMS.

I published the application on Mobihand here : http://www.mobihand.com/product.asp?id=33446&n=SMS-VCard-Add-on .

Sending an SMS :
1. Open the contact
2. Select "Send as SMS"
3. Select the contact to whom you want to send the VCARD:

4. Done !

Importing an SMS is just as easy :

1. A new SMS with a VCARD is received in your INBOX:
2. Open the message and select "Add to contacts" from the menu:

3. Review the original VCARD:

4. Done !

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Craig A. Barnes spunea...

Good afternoon,

I was wondering: What program did you use to take the screen captures from your Blackberry?

Mihai Pora spunea...

That's easy: I used the Blackberry phone simulator on Windows and used the standard 'PrintScreen' function from Windows.
Detailed steps :
- have the simulator window open and active
- 'ALT+PrintScreen' for capturing only the active window
- open Paintbrush, paste the image from the clipboard
- crop and save as JPEG.

Ska spunea...

Now that mobihand is no more will you host your SMS addon for BB elsewhere ?