vineri, 1 august 2008

How to maximize the number of office employees per square meter

A few years ago I had some debates about what is the standard number of square meters per employee in a multi-national corporation.

Nowadays, I left the big corporation and moved to a startup. Budgets are tight, office space is premium so we needed some innovative ideas to maximize the utilization of our office space.

The philosophy behind my solution is based on the use of motorcycles & scooters for urban transport. Each car that carries one person can be replaced in traffic with 4-6 motorcycles or scooters. The idea is to minimize secondary features of the car and keep only the main feature : motorized transport. In the office world this translates to 'minimize anything and keep the chair as the main tool'.

My solution to the office space problem is to get the hardware from our top-tech taxi advertising system and tune the office chairs. As you can notice in our proof of concept, the desktop-less workspace is at least 4 times more efficient than a standard desk.