vineri, 28 decembrie 2007

Wireless monitoring using eee PC (english version)

I thought this article would interest more people if it was written in English, so I re-wrote it.:

One of the greatest strengths of eee PC is that it has an Atheros wireless card and this makes it the best tool for wireless monitoring (small, light, good wireless performance) .
I did a little research on the forums and people seemed to have some problems with madwifi drivers that needed a patch for monitoring and packet injection. However there is a security audit linux distribution that already has all the patches and it seems to work well on the eee PC : Backtrack 3 beta.

I decided to do a drive-test from an external disc ( 1GB SD-card or USB flash drive) . Here are te steps :

  1. download the latest version of Backtrack 3 . I chose the USB version (extended) over the 700 MB CD version.
  2. read the readme and follow instructions. (unzip , copy 'boot' and 'BT3' folders to the root of the drive an execute 'bootinst.bat' or '' ).
    • I tried on the default eee PC xandros distribution and it failed to identify the mountpoint of the drive.
    • After reading the source , I hardcoded the flash mount point and device and it worked well, making the drive bootable.
  3. after reboot, press and hold 'ESC' and choose the external drive from the menu
  4. the grub menu offers lots of options. Compiz is the most spectacular and works well on eeePC.
  5. after boot is completed open a terminal window and execute
    • ifconfig ath0 down to stop the wireless connection
    • kismet -c madwifi_g,wifi0,wifi0 to start kismet.
  6. explore the "Backtrack" menu and see all other tools that you can use to audit your network and servers security.

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