luni, 13 decembrie 2010

DEX pentru Kindle in format Mobipocket, acum cu forme flexionare

Dupa cum era de asteptat, prima imbunatatire adusa dictionarului pentru Kindle este adaugarea formelor flexionare.

Din nou baza de date furnizata de DEXOnline a facut ca rezolvarea sa fie floare la ureche, informatia fiind usor de extras
De data aceasta a trebuit sa invat putin Python pentu a putea modifica scriptul si sa studiez putin tagurile pentru forme flexionare din Mobipocket.

Noul dictionar se gaseste aici. Este o versiune beta, unul dintre buguri fiind ca are probleme cu "a" : baiat, flacau, vazut. Uneori merge, alteori nu.

Codul pentru scriptul de generare a dictionarului mai are nevoie de putina mentenanta deoarece acum e o hackereala struto-camila (citeste dictionarul din fisier tab-delimited si formele flexionare din mysql).
Mi-am propus sa rescriu o versiune care citeste doar din baza de date.
Mai tarziu s-ar putea scrie si o versiune care genereaza dictionarul direct prin conectarea la serverul dexonline, desi nu sunt sigur daca acest lucru va fi agreat din cauza incarcarii suplimentare pe care o va genera pe server.

Avand in vedere comentariile in limba romana de la postul anterior, am renuntat la engleza.

luni, 29 noiembrie 2010

DEX for Kindle - Romanian dictionary

I just finished converting the main definitions from the database into a basic working Kindle dictionary.

Tools I used:

  1. DEXOnline database snapshot - definitions table contains everything already formatted. Great work !
  2. xampp lite (for instant mysql and phpMyAdmin )
  3. phpMyAdmin for exporting data into a tab delimited file.
  4. script from
  5. Mobipocket Creator :
Main credits for the tool chain go to this forum : .

The final product can be downloaded here.

marți, 10 august 2010

Blackberry OS 5.0 on Curve 8900

I just finished upgrading the firmware on my Blackberry using the tutorial from BerryReview.
Everything went smooth, after I downloaded the actual phone software instead of the Desktop Manager with the wrong name.

I recommend using BBSAK, it works perfectly.

This is the url for the tutorial :
This is the url for the BBSAK :

You can get latest versions of phone software from this list :

I used firmware version from Vodafone UK because not all carriers offer the latest sofware versions.

The first thing I did was to confirm that my app still works, which it did.

joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Free online presence for Small Businesses using Google Apps and

Today I moved my business website hosting to Google Apps.
The great news for me was that Google Apps has a free standard version that allow my company to have 50 email boxes, access to docs, calendar and host my website.

The trickiest thing I had to solve was the lack of DNS hosting, but EveryDNS provides a very good free DNS service.
The DNS problem is this : Google does not have a DNS hosting service (yet). They rely on DNS hosting offered by domain registrars and they give a very good list of reputable DNS registrars.
My domain is a .ro domain that costs 30 USD for life and the registrar does not provides DNS hosting. The situation is similar with other 'cheap' domain registrars and because small business value every cent they are most likely need a free DNS Hosting provider.

EveryDNS url is .
Google Apps Standard edition may be accessed here : .

Both services are free, so I will never pay for corporate web hosting and groupware anymore ... at least not until my company grows to more than 50 employees.

miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2009

Top e-tailers profitting from billion-dollar Web scam

I found this article on CNET
Considering that on that list there are quite a lot of 'big' names, it makes me think if I should be worried about some Russian/Chinese guys hack my card online or a very respectable retailer like Hertz, Barnes & Noble or Pizza Hut will sell it after I make a purchase from them.

I was pondering if I should get a Nook or the new Kindle the choice is obvious now : Amazon is not on that list.

Here is the 'shame list', the e-tailers tricking their customers and disclosing their credit card numbers to scammers :
Columbia House
Redcats USA
US Airways
Airtran Airways
Auto Parts
Barnes & Noble
Boston Apparel Group
Cedant intercompany Agreements
Channel Advisor
Cheap Tickets
Choice Hotels
Continental Airlines
Current USA (123 Prints)
Custom Direct
Digital River
Dr. Leonard's
From You Flowers
FTD Florists Online
Hanover Direct
HiSpeed Media
Infinity Resources
J.C. Whitney
Lillian Vernon
Live Nation
Miles Kimball
Pizza Hut
Spirit Airlines
Thompson Group
Tiger Direct
True Credit (True Link)
US Search
Victoria's Secret

duminică, 2 august 2009

My solution to Blackberry - Nokia SMS VCard problem

The first thing I noticed about Blackberry is that it is unable to share VCards using SMS.

Whenever a Nokia user sends a VCard (contact) to a Blackberry phone , the receiver has no way to import the Contact to the address book except for multiple copy/paste and task switching.
To send a contact from Blackberry to a Nokia phone there is no option because even if the sender can format a VCARD in a SMS, on the Nokia it will end up in the SMS Inbox and not in the Contacts.

I found the situation unacceptable so I wrote a Blackberry add-on to enable receiving and sending VCards using SMS.
My application does not use any special phone features, it just uses the PIM and SMS API and creates to menus : one menu in the SMS viewer to import the VCARD to the Contact List and one menu in the Contact editor to send the Contact using SMS.

I published the application on Mobihand here : .

Sending an SMS :
1. Open the contact
2. Select "Send as SMS"
3. Select the contact to whom you want to send the VCARD:

4. Done !

Importing an SMS is just as easy :

1. A new SMS with a VCARD is received in your INBOX:
2. Open the message and select "Add to contacts" from the menu:

3. Review the original VCARD:

4. Done !

vineri, 1 august 2008

How to maximize the number of office employees per square meter

A few years ago I had some debates about what is the standard number of square meters per employee in a multi-national corporation.

Nowadays, I left the big corporation and moved to a startup. Budgets are tight, office space is premium so we needed some innovative ideas to maximize the utilization of our office space.

The philosophy behind my solution is based on the use of motorcycles & scooters for urban transport. Each car that carries one person can be replaced in traffic with 4-6 motorcycles or scooters. The idea is to minimize secondary features of the car and keep only the main feature : motorized transport. In the office world this translates to 'minimize anything and keep the chair as the main tool'.

My solution to the office space problem is to get the hardware from our top-tech taxi advertising system and tune the office chairs. As you can notice in our proof of concept, the desktop-less workspace is at least 4 times more efficient than a standard desk.